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Yale University Press  

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Van Gogh's Studio Practice

      Год: 2014 
Van Gogh

2. Richard Daniel de Puma
Etruscan Art. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art

      Год: 2013 
Etruscan Art. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art
This informative and engaging book on the Museum''s outstanding collection of Etruscan art also provides an introduction to the fascinating and diverse culture of ancient Etruria, which thrived in central Italy from about 900 to 100 B.C.......

3. Emma McClendon
Denim: Fashion's Frontier

      Год: 2016 
Denim: Fashion
Denim is one of the world''s favorite fabrics, and today it accounts for the largest segment of the clothing industry. The market for jeans alone is worth over 55 billion dollars. Experiments with denim by designers have helped to develop a vast vocabulary of denim styles beyond jeans that are now ingrained in fashion''s lexicon. This handsome book explores the multifaceted history of denim and examines the continually evolving relationship between it and high fashion. Prized for its durability and strength, denim began as an ideal fabric for workwear, most famously in the clothing produced by Levi Strauss & Co. for fortune hunters during the 19th-century California gold rush. Over the past 160 years, however, film, television, and advertising have helped transform denim into a symbol of y...

Rembrandt: The Late Works

      Год: 2015 
Rembrandt: The Late Works
From the mid-1650s until his death at age sixty-three, Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) generated a remarkable body of work as he searched for a new, painterly, and expressive style. His later works demonstrate his mastery, skillfulness, and exceptional ability to render the effects of light, and they have since defined his image as an artist. Rembrandt gleaned inspiration from his direct study of nature, exalting the humble, the mundane, and even the ugly, particularly in his self-portraits and works based on his everyday surroundings. His intimate pictures of figures from history, often portrayed in austere or introspective attitudes, are created with extraordinary sensitivity. This handsome volume includes superb reproductions of some of Rembrandt’s most recognizable paintings, alongside ...

5. Modiano Patrick
Suspended Sentences

      Год: 2014 
Suspended Sentences
Although originally published separately, Patrick Modiano''s three novellas form a single, compelling whole, haunted by the same gauzy sense of place and characters. Modiano draws on his own experiences, blended with the real or invented stories of others,...
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6. Elisabeth R. Fairman
Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower. Artists' Books and the Natural World

      Год: 2014 
Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower. Artists
Highlighting an enduring interest in natural history from the 16th century to the present, this gorgeous book explores depictions of the natural world, from centuries-old manuscripts to contemporary artists'' books. It examines the scientific pursuits in the 18th and 19th centuries that resulted in the collecting and cataloguing of the natural world. It also investigates the aesthetically oriented activities of self-taught naturalists in the 19th century, who gathered flowers, ferns, seaweed, feathers, and other naturalia into albums. Examples of 20th and 21st-century artists'' books, including those of Eileen Hogan, Mandy Bonnell, and Tracey Bush, broaden the vision of the natural world to incorporate its interaction with consumer culture and with modern technologies. Featuring dazzling i...
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7. Phyllis Lambert, Barry Bergdoll
Building Seagram

      Год: 2013 
Building Seagram
The Seagram Building rises up over New York''s Park Avenue with perfect lines of bronze and glass. Considered one of the greatest icons of twentieth-century architecture, the building was commissioned by Samuel Bronfman, founder of the Canadian distillery dynasty Seagram. Bronfman''s daughter, Phyllis Lambert, was twenty-seven years old when she took over the search for an architect and chose Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), a pioneering master of modern skin and bones architecture. Mies, who designed the building clad in bronze and amber-tinted glass along with Philip Johnson (1906-2005), emphasized the beauty of structure and fine materials and set the building back from the avenue, creating the building''s plaza as an urban oasis. Lambert''s choice established her role as a leading archit...

8. Alsteens Stijn
Durer and Beyond

      Год: 2013 
Durer and Beyond

Punk. Chaos to Couture

      Год: 2013 
Punk. Chaos to Couture
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The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden

      Год: 2013 
The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden
The Tuileries Garden is a masterpiece of garden design and one of the world''s most iconic public art spaces. Designed for Louis XIV by landscape architect Andre Le Notre, it served the now-destroyed Tuileries Palace. It was opened to the public in 1667, be...

11. Carvalho Rosa de
Printmaking in Paris: The Rage for Prints at the Fin De Siecle

      Год: 2013 
Printmaking in Paris: The Rage for Prints at the Fin De Siecle
In the years between 1890 and 1905, Paris witnessed a revolution in printmaking. Before this time, prints had primarily served reproductive or political ends, but, as the century came to a close, artistic quality became paramount, and printmaking blossomed into an autonomous art form. This gorgeously illustrated and accessibly written book looks at the circumstances in which this terrific new enthusiasm for prints unfolded; the principal players in its development; and the various printmaking techniques being used.
Most modern French artists experimented with lithographs, etchings, or woodcuts, many of which were published in small editions intended for art connoisseurs and collectors. Their popularity, however, was not confined to these exclusive groups. Colorful prints designed by Pie...
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12. Chaffee Cathleen
Eye on a Century

      Год: 2013 
Eye on a Century
Eye on a Century celebrates a cornerstone of the Yale University Art Gallery''s holdings: the Charles B. Benenson Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art. This major bequest includes works by a veritable pantheon of modern and contemporary artists - among them Jean-Michel Basquiat, Stuart Davis, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro, James Rosenquist, and David Smith. The catalogue provides exciting new scholarship on some of the collection''s most significant objects, including works by Alexander Calder, Kurt Schwitters, and Pablo Picasso, alongside lesser-known works, by artists such as Alicia Penalba, David Wojnarowicz, and Martin Wong, several of which have never before been published. The introduction, which examines the context of Benenson''s collecting, is followed by more than fifty catalogue...
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13. Kingsley Hope
Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present

      Год: 2013 
Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present
Today''s photography is part of our own cultural moment, but it also arises from artistic traditions of the past. Seduced by Art looks at the effects of art and its history on the creation of photographs, tracing continuities in aims, visual style, and tech...
Kingsley Hope Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present

14. Wiggins Colin
Saints Alive

      Год: 2013 
Saints Alive
British artist Michael Landy (b. 1963) is known primarily as an installation artist. His work, along with others associated with the Young British Artists (YBAs), was first catapulted to the world spotlight when it was featured in the notorious Sensation exhibition (1997). His sculptural installations and performances explore political and social themes, such as the nature of consumerism and commodity. In 2009, Landy began a three-year artist residency at the National Gallery, London. He chose to focus his project on representations of saints and their accompanying stories, often gruesome, which were once part of common culture but are now largely unknown. Landy''s preoccupation with recycling narratives and repurposing imagery results in Saints Alive, the subject of this book, conceived t...
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15. Brown Jonathan
Murillo: Virtuoso Draftsman

      Год: 2012 
Murillo: Virtuoso Draftsman
Known primarily as a great painter, Bartolome Esteban Murillo (1617-1682) was also one of the best draftsmen of the 17th century. Although his devotional paintings seem to have been created effortlessly, they are the result of careful thought and study, a process that comes alive in the preparatory drawings. Murillo used a variety of techniques, favoring pen and ink and brown wash and red-and-black chalk. Like painters schooled in Italian Renaissance practice, the Spaniard developed his paintings in stages, starting with sketches of the full composition and then focusing on details that posed specific problems. Occasionally, Murillo used drawings as a medium for original compositions; these are highly finished pieces, usually enhanced by the use of wash and unmistakably stamped with the ar...
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16. Martin Postle
Johan Zoffany RA: Society Observed

      Год: 2011 
Johan Zoffany RA: Society Observed
The 18th-century painter Johan Zoffany (1733-1810) was an astute observer of the many social circles in which he functioned as an artist over the course of his long career. This catalogue investigates his sharp wit, shrewd political appraisal, and percepti...
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17. Marjorie E. Wieseman
Dutch Painting

      Год: 2014 
Dutch Painting
The National Gallery, London is home to a world-renowned collection of Dutch paintings that includes masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Cuyp and Ruisdael, among many others. Still lifes painted with painstaking attention to detail, sublime landscape...

18. King Elliott H.
Salvador Dali: The Late Work

      Год: 2013 
Salvador Dali: The Late Work
Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the most famous and controversial artists of the twentieth century. This title focuses on Dali''s work after 1940, presenting it as a multifaceted oeuvre that simultaneously drew inspiration from the Old Masters and the...

19. Friedlander Lee
In the Picture: Self-portraits, 1958-2011

      Год: 2013 
In the Picture: Self-portraits, 1958-2011
Self-portraiture is a challenging and complicated subject for any artist. Many fascinating and daunting questions emerge: if an artist is also the subject of the work, is there a conflict of interest? Or does self-portraiture afford an artist the opportuni...

20. Bills Mark
Dickens and the Artists

      Год: 2012 
Dickens and the Artists
A remarkably visual writer, Charles Dickens (1812-1870) emerged from a tradition where illustrations formed a significant part of both serial and book publishing. At the centenary of his birth, Dickens and the Artists explores the novelist''s artistic opini...
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