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1. Nicolas Boyer
Le Match de Thomas (+ Audio CD)

      Год: 2009 
Le Match de Thomas (+ Audio CD)

2. Hapka Catherine
The New Pony

      Год: 2016 
The New Pony
The Pony Scouts are becoming better at riding with every lesson. But just when they think they''ve seen it all, a new horse arrives on Jill''s farm - one who hasn''t been ridden before! Taffy is a beautiful palomino pony that needs......
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First Atlas: Learn with Maps

      Год: 2015 
First Atlas: Learn with Maps
"First Atlas" brings each continent and country to life, making geographic concepts easy to understand. "First Atlas" is specially designed to be accessible and appealing to 4-7 year-olds....
Вы можете купить книгу First Atlas: Learn with Maps дешевле, сравнив цены в магазинах на нашем сайте.

4. Wilfried Krenn
Ideen 1. Kursbuch

      Год: 2010 
Ideen 1. Kursbuch
Zielgruppe: Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene im In- und Ausland ohne Vorkenntnisse
Lernziel: Führt zur Niveaustufe A1 des Europäischen Referenzrahmens und bereitet auf die Prüfung Fit in Deutsch 1 vor.
Neue Ideen für den Unterricht mit Jugendlichen!
Jugendliche zu unterrichten ist eine interessante, aber nicht immer leichte Aufgabe. Die Ursachen für viele Probleme liegen oft in der komplexen entwicklungsbedingten Situation, in der sich die Jugendlichen in diesem Alter befinden. In der Übergangsphase von der Kindheit zum Erwachsenenleben müssen sie ihre eigene Identität neu definieren.
"Ideen" ist ein Lehrwerk, das für die besonderen Herausforderungen dieser Zielgruppe professionelles Material anbietet. Die Struktur der Einheiten, die...
Узнайте в каких интернет-магазинах можно купить книгу Ideen 1. Kursbuch Wilfried Krenn

5. Fitzgerald F.Scott
Tales of the Jazz Age

      Год: 2016 
Tales of the Jazz Age
HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. In these eleven stories, Fitzgerald depicts the Roaring Twenties as he lived them. He masterfully blends accounts of flappers and the smart set with more fantastical...

6. Maria Wilhelm - Dirk Mathison
James Cameron's Avatar: The Movie Scrapbook

      Год: 2012 
James Cameron
Get the inside scoop on the new feature film from 20th Century Fox, helmed by the director of Aliens and The Terminator and opening on December 18th. Learn all about how the Avatar world has been created, the creatures that inhabit it, and many other cool facts. Full color....
Вы можете купить книгу James Cameron's Avatar: The Movie Scrapbook дешевле, сравнив цены в магазинах на нашем сайте.

7. Cecelia Ahern
Book of Tomorrow

      Год: 2012 
Book of Tomorrow
Spoiled, tempestuous sixteen-year-old Tamara Goodwin has always gotten everything she s ever wanted. Born into the lap of luxury she has a designer wardrobe, a mansion with a swimming pool, and a group of popular friends. Comfortable in the here and now, Tamara has never had to look ahead towards tomorrow.
But the sudden death of her father - with an empty bottle of whiskey and empty bottle of pills - irrevocably shakes Tamara s world. Suddenly all that s left of Tamara s old life is a mountain of debt. The threat of repossession forces her and her mother to sell everything and move to the country to live with Tamara s Uncle and Aunt. Nestled next to Kilsaney Castle, their new home is a million miles away from the world of Tamara s childhood.
With Tamara s mother locked in her room g...
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8. Judy, Bartkowiak
Market Research in a Week

      Год: 2012 
Market Research in a Week
Market Research in a Week Judy, Bartkowiak

9. Sheldon Sidney
Morning, Noon & Night

      Год: 2008 
Morning, Noon & Night
A power revered by presidents and kings, a fortune unsurpassed by few people on earth: all that ended for Harry Stanford the day he mysteriously - and fatally - plunged from his luxury yacht into the Mediterranean Sea. Then, back home in Boston, as the family gathers to grieve for his memory and to war over his legacy, a stunningly beautiful young woman appears. She claims to be Stanford's long-lost daughter and entitled to her share of his estate. Now, flaming with intrigue and passion through the glamorous preserves of the world's super rich, the ultimate game of wits begins, for stakes too dazzling and deadly to imagine - in master novelist Sidney Sheldon's most breathtaking and surprising creation ever....
Покупая книгу Morning, Noon & Night автора Sheldon Sidney с помощью нашего сайта, вы экономите время и деньги.

10. Фрай Стивен
Stephen Fry in America

      Год: 2012 
Stephen Fry in America
Britain's best-loved comic genius Stephen Fry turns his celebrated wit and insight to unearthing the real America as he travels across the continent in his black taxicab. Stephen's account of his adventures is filled with his unique humour, insight and warmth in the fascinating book that orginally accompanied his journey for the BBC1 series. 'Stephen Fry is a treasure of the British Empire.' - The Guardian Stephen Fry has always loved America, in fact he came very close to being born there. Here, his fascination for the country and its people sees him embarking on an epic journey across America, visiting each of its 50 states to discover how such a huge diversity of people, cultures, languages, beliefs and landscapes combine to create such a remarkable nation. Starting on the eastern seabo...
Вы можете купить книги Stephen Fry in America автора Фрай Стивен, с помощью нашего сайта.

11. Sparks Nicholas
At First Sight

      Год: 2014 
At First Sight
There are a few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he''d never do: he''d never leave New York City; never give his heart away again after barely surviving one failed marriage; and, most of all, never become a parent. Now, Jeremy is living in the tiny town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, married to Lexie Darnell, the love of his life, and anticipating the birth of their daughter. But just as his life seems to be settling into a blissful pattern, an unsettling and mysterious message re-opens old wounds and sets off a chain of events that will forever change the course of this young couple''s marriage.
Dramatic, heartbreaking and surprising, this is a story about the love between a man and a woman and between a parent and a child. More than that, it is a story that beautifully portrays how the s...
Узнайте в каких интернет-магазинах можно купить книгу At First Sight Sparks Nicholas

12. Edgardis Garlin
Kikus-Materialien. Bildkarten

      Год: 2012 
Kikus-Materialien. Bildkarten
Bildkarten (für Erzieher/Lehrkräfte) 480 Bildkarten (240 Motive, farbig + sw) zu unterschiedlichen Themenbereichen der kindlichen Erfahrungswelt wie Familie, Kleidung, Tiere etc. sowie zu Verben, Zahlen, Adjektiven und Präpositionen. Die Bildkarten eignen sich hervorragend zur spielerischen Vermittlung von Basiswortschatz und können sowohl in der Einzel - als auch in der Gruppenarbeit eingesetzt werden. Damit wird eine Vielzahl von Spielen und Kombinationen möglich: Memory, Lotto, Geschichten legen, Wortbildung, Pluralbildung, Satzbau etc. Da die Karten keinerlei schriftliche Elemente enthalten, können sie in allen (Fremd-) Sprachkursen eingesetzt werden....
Узнайте в каких интернет-магазинах можно купить книгу Kikus-Materialien. Bildkarten Edgardis Garlin

13. David, Evans
Mussolini’s Italy

      Год: 2012 
Mussolini’s Italy
Узнайте, где купить дешевле книгу Mussolini’s Italy David, Evans

14. Glas-Peters
Menschen A1. Berufstrainer (+ Audio CD)

      Год: 2015 
Menschen A1. Berufstrainer (+ Audio CD)
Der Berufstrainer greift sprachliche und thematische Aspekte aus dem Kursbuch auf und überträgt sie ins berufliche Umfeld. So wird neuer berufsspezifischer Wortschatz eingeführt und geübt auf der Grundlage bereits bekann...
Сравните цены в интернет-магазинах на нашем сайте и купите книгу Glas-Peters Menschen A1. Berufstrainer (+ Audio CD) дешевле.

15. O'Connor Jane
Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller

      Год: 2011 
Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller
Fancy Nancy is excited about spelling in this fun new I Can Read! Full color....
Узнайте, где купить дешевле книгу O'Connor Jane Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller

16. Richard Scarry
Best Christmas Book Ever!

      Год: 2014 
Best Christmas Book Ever!
Join the loveable Scarry characters as they - and you - enjoy the best Christmas ever! Busytown is getting ready for Christmas. Join Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm as they celebrate. Including festive stories, games and Christmas songs, this book is a true celebration of the Christmas spirit - and will give every reader a warm festive glow....

17. Michaela Perlmann-Balme
em neu 2008 Hauptkurs. Lehrerhandbuch

      Год: 2008 
em neu 2008 Hauptkurs. Lehrerhandbuch
Voraussetzung: em neu Hauptkurs ist für Lernende, die Grundstufe erfolgreich abgeschlossen haben.
Lernziel: Sprachbeherrschung auf der Niveaustufe B2
Zur Vorbereitung auf die entsprechenden Prüfungen von Goethe-Institut, telc und ÖSD gibt es kostenlose Zusatzhefte bzw. Download-Materialien im Lehrwerkservice.
Zusatzmaterialien zu weiteren B2-Prüfungen sind in Vorbereitung....
Узнайте, где заказать книгу em neu 2008 Hauptkurs. Lehrerhandbuch Michaela Perlmann-Balme

The Bone Clocks

      Год: 2015 
The Bone Clocks
Сравнивайте цены на The Bone Clocks и покупайте дешевле.

19. Сесилия Ахерн
A Place Called Here

      Год: 2013 
A Place Called Here
The magical new novel from the number 1 bestselling author of PS, I Love You, Where Rainbows End and If You Could See Me Now....
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Solitude Creek

      Год: 2016 
Solitude Creek

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